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man wearing jacket carrying a gun

Hunting Does Not Exist

I was thinking about whether or not it’s okay to hunt today, and something occurred to me: hunting doesn’t really exist. The word creates separation from the reality that it’s being used to describe.

person hand and crescent moon


Do I love her? Why can’t God or the universe or whatever exists let me know what I should be doing? I need to go to the gym more. Could I love her? Could I run and run and run into something else?

macro photo of a cricket

Certainty—Certainly Not

everything. I didn’t like being an arrogant prick all the time. I saw how I’d been—how far from myself (from that little inner Jiminy Cricket voice) I’d strayed. And I realized that I didn’t need to be that person anymore. So, I started to acknowledge that I didn’t know everything.

vintage brown crt tv on parquet wood flooring

Passively Living

But that isn’t the case anymore. I kind of hate television now. I’ve spent years of my life watching characters do things that I’ve never done. I’ve watched heroes go into battle and defeat villains. I’ve watched people hitchhike across America and find themselves (admittedly, I probably wouldn’t do that because I don’t want to die, but what have you). I’ve watched people fall in love. And I’ve never done any of those things. And beyond that, I’ve spent all that time actively not thinking. I’ve existed in a complacent state—one that allowed for stabilization, but not growth.

person with message on her arm

Earning Kindness?

Compassion is earned in this world. It’s something given to the people that you care about: your friends, family, lovers, etc. And I don’t understand that.