The Editors

Summer 2017 Editors of The River:

IMG_6772Alexandra Dupuis is a co-editor of The River. She is a Creative Writing major at UMF. After graduation, she hopes to enter the publishing field. On any given day, she can be found day-dreaming about returning to the city, any city really.


IMG_20170607_160608403.jpgZach Roberge, co-editor of The River, is currently enrolled as a Senior at The University of Maine at Farmington. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Computer Science. Zach is vacationing in Le Mans, France Summer 2017 and quite enjoys the French cuisine and the French culture.



Spring 2017 Editors:


Alexandra Umstadt is the Editor of the Sandy River Review. She is a Creative Writing and Geology dual major at UMF, hoping to enter into science journalism. No, she doesn’t write stories about rocks.


Annie Moloney is Assistant Editor of the Sandy River Review. She is currently double majoring in Creative Writing and English at UMF. She likes going on adventures and eating sandwiches.