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The Editors

2021 Editors of The Sandy River Review:

Amber Soha is a co-editor of 2021 edition of The Sandy River Review. She is in her senior year at UMF majoring in English with minors in Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing, and Women’s and Gender studies. She enjoys spending time with her family and raft of ducks. In her free time she writes, makes art and practices mindfulness.

Sophie Murray is a co-editor of the 2021 edition of The Sandy River Review. She is a senior Creative Writing major and a member of UMF’s Writer’s Guild and Art Club. She enjoys baking and cooking with her mom and exploring the numerous museums and parks in New York City with her dad. In her free time, she draws, gets lost in her own imagination, and probably spends way too much time on YouTube.

Spring 2021 Editor of The River:

Nik Shultz is the sole editor of The River for the Spring 2021 semester. They are in their junior year as a Creative Writing major, with minors in Women and Gender Studies and Art. They enjoy spending time with their friends, and their friends’ cats, and watching reboots of shows like MacGyver and Magnum P.I. with their parents. In their free time they read, write, and make art.

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