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The Editors

2020 Editors of The Sandy River Review:

Billie Rose Newby is a co-editor of 2020 edition of The Sandy River Review. She is in her third year at UMF majoring in Creative Writing and English. She enjoys exploring the various forms of literature and art, adventuring in the outdoors, and spending time with cats. Billie has also been known to dabble in writing.

Hope Williams is a co-editor of The Sandy River Review. She is a senior Creative Writing major and current Writer’s Guild vice president at UMF. Her free time is dedicated to writing, making art, spending too long on Pinterest, and baking with flowers.

Spring 2020 Editors of The River:

Lowell Warren is a co-editor of The River. He is a creative writing and art double major and events coordinator for UMaine Farmington’s Writer’s Guild. In his spare time, he eats Hot Pockets, contra dances at the local Grange Hall, and frequents the movies.

Journey Bubar is a co-editor of The River for Spring 2020. She’s a Creative Writing and Art double major in her junior year at the University of Maine at Farmington. She enjoys dancing in UMF’s Bust-A-Move-Beavers, painting, and taking long walks to the fridge. She is a self-published author that hopes to be a well-known writer one day.

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