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The Editors

Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Editors of The Sandy River Review:

Jacob Mouser is a Creative Writing major and Film minor at the University of Maine Farmington. He specializes in short fiction and screenwriting.

Em Platt is a Creative Writing Major at UMF. They specialize in short stories, long stories, and poetry. Besides writing and reading, they enjoy hanging out with their cat Reno.

Spring 2022 Editors of The River:

low angle photo of road while raining

Horisun Antunee is one of the two editors for The River for Spring 2022. He is a Sophomore Creative Writing major. He enjoys talking about wanting to write, but rarely doing it. (Insert cliche here) He also enjoys the value of little moments that often go unrecognized, and thinking that everything (yes, everything) is at least kind of wrong. But most importantly, he is excited to take on the new challenges that come with being the co-editor of The River.

cute cat sleeping on cozy bed with book at home

Rachel Beane is one of the two editors for The River for Spring 2022. She is double majoring in Creative Writing and English and plans to pick up minors in both Film and Video Games as Literature. She spends her time talking about movies she’s never seen, thinking about writing, and napping.

Fall 2022 Editors

Austin Marden (Penname “Erevan”) is a second-year student at the University of Maine at Farmington. He is studying Creative Writing as his major, Community Health as his minor. On campus, he is employed at numerous places and off campus, he works as an Emergency Medical Technician. His goals are to learn to swim, become a community paramedic, and write a series of novels. When not found working or writing, he is typically engaging in hijinks including drawing, walking, and games including Dungeons and Dragons, cards of all sorts, and Minecraft. A Farmington local, he knows, has seen, and has done loads of things-ask him about the town and he’ll gladly share!

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