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By Lucia Haase Phantoms of fogwalk into morningthroughout the forest,stretching – yawning… secreted faunain shadows, creepby fern and brackenyet asleep. Cool winds howl,a kind of calling-forest wolveshunting…crawling. Watchers watchingin the … Continue Reading Episode

The Shack

By William Heath The pickers are long gone,just a few men have jobs.Cotton choppers replaced bycrop-dusting planes sprayingweed-killing poison.  Greenmachines resembling giganticgrasshoppers, bloated binsfor bellies, gobble cotton,leaving only the ends … Continue Reading The Shack


By Mark Bennion                         Not even a score of years ago,you pulled on my pant legs, beggingme to sing one more off-kilterRodgers and Hart tune before turning offthe lights. “My … Continue Reading Audition

Mrs. Hardy

Steven M. Smith’s poems have appeared in The River, Hole in the Head Review, Rattle, Old Red Kimono, Plainsongs, Poetrybay, Ibbetson Street Press, Cabildo Quarterly, Better Than Starbucks, Offcourse, The Writing Disorder, The Worcester Review, and Mudfish. He is the Writing Center director at … Continue Reading Mrs. Hardy