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The Last Straw

By Joshua Hoffman

“That’s the last straw!” Wilbur cawed as he stomped down the stairs and into the kitchen. His younger sister Erin was standing at the kitchen counter, slowly inserting a striped plastic straw into a solo cup. A thick droplet of strawberry smoothie crawled down the side as Erin took a long sip from the straw.

“Calm down,” she said, “Mom’s going to the grocery store today. You can wait.” Wilbur reached for the cup but it was pulled away, out of his reach.

“I can’t wait actually, I need that straw for my science fair presentation today!”

“Oh yeah that lame project about self inflating balloons.”

“Yes my not lame project about the chemical process of using vinegar and baking soda to inflate a balloon powered car.” WIlbur tried once more to grab the smoothie cup but Erin danced away and put the kitchen table between herself and her brother.

“If you need it so bad, what will you give me for it?” Erin said. Wilburs frustration was palpable as a smirk grew upon his sister’s face.

“How about nothing? Or do you want me to go get mom?”

“Oh please you’re not going to do that or do you want me to tell mom and dad that you stole some of dad’s beers when you and your friends camped in the backyard?” Wilbur bristled at the blackmail, but turned and left the kitchen through the doorway to the living room. Erin relaxed against the kitchen table and called after Wilbur, “Nice doing business with yo-” Before she could finish, Wilbur dashed back into the kitchen from the hall doorway and grabbed at the smoothie-filled cup. His fingers gripped at the lip of the cup and Wilbur grinned, but as he did Erin yanked the cup hard and the cup flew, leaving the grasps of both siblings. They slowly walked to the crash site and beheld the smoothie in all its goodness spread about the couch.

“Oh crap.” Erin murmured

“Oh crap indeed.” Wilbur replied. He then turned his head and loudly called, “Mooomm! Erin spilled her smoothie all over the couch!” Wilbur grabbed the straw from the wreckage of the smoothie and walked out of the living room, leaving Erin with a shocked expression as they both heard their mother stomping down the stairs. 

“Erin! How many times have I told you to be more careful around the couch? This is the last straw!”

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