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Sunny Side

By Madeline Legere

An unexpected entrance now

A little sun creeps into my devouring shadow

But my heart twists upside-down

When a smile turns into a scowl

Light a little fire, spin a little lie

Paint a pretty face on me

I’m not dry yet

Come see if I’m crying every time I bleed

I’m still wet

I wouldn’t want to stain you with fear

You make me weak, make me ache

Feel me crumbling at the idea

That it’s too late

You’re the sun that blows up all my sorrow

When you let me near your light

And I would share your every tomorrow

If you kept me by your side


About the Author

My name is Madeline Legere. I’m a twenty-one year old political theory student at UMF. I grew up in Rumford, Maine. 


Poetry, The River

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