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I’ll Miss You A Latte

Why coffee?

Believe it or not, coffee, tea, and the cafe scene were not my original idea for my blog. I’m a big fan of anthropology and different cultures of the world, which is what I initially wanted to write to all of you lovely readers for the last three-ish months, but there was some risks in writing about different cultures that I wasn’t sure I should take.

I’d just trudged up some too-small stairs to meet my (awesome) co-editor Audrey for the first time, and we’d met with our wonderful boss, and Audrey talked about how she wanted to write about horror and I could tell how much she loved it. Leaving back down those stubborn stairs, I wondered what I could be so passionate about, like she was.

I headed to my local Mantor Cafe and ordered a caramel macchiato, a hot one, with 1% milk. I sat down at one of the tables in the cafe with it and took my book out to begin reading, and it was upon that first sip I’d taken right before delving into the first sentence that caught my attention. What did I know a lot about? Coffee. What can’t I live without? Coffee.

What should I write about? Coffee.

Of course, it extended to tea and cafes in general and became about the caffeine we drink in the mornings and where we drink them, what we do with them when we’re not drinking them, and how we do and don’t benefit from them. But like Audrey, I was writing about something that I loved, although it wasn’t a genre or something I felt was remotely normal for a blog. But it became normal to me during the last few months.

Why is coffee so important to me? I’m not sure, but it’s been part of me for quite a while now and it hangs around. Tea is something my mom and I bond over, coffee is something my best friend and I bonded over, and I really like the cafe aesthetic. I just love sitting in cafes, reading and writing and drawing, with some good jazz or soft rock playing in the background. Sometimes just the ambient sounds of others having conversations and listening, getting new ideas from what they say and writing about them for fun.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s stuck around and followed The Cafe Scene every week, and everyone who’s read the awesome pieces we’ve published and everyone who’s supported Creepin’ It Real and Audrey. Now, I think I need to go trudge down some too steep stairs and order myself a caramel macchiato.

Thanks so much for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for the next editors of The River and their blogs!

Your River co-editor, Ciera Miller

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