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By Lakshya Anant

Faith, Not Hope, Not Religion

I don’t have faith in hope

Hope is a beggar walking through the blaze,

Faith is the resilience that leaps over it.

Melancholic solitude; wallowing in misery

How can I ever choose love

When I don’t even choose me.

Doves and rains, cold breeze persists

The idea of me died when the faith waivered

Sounds of sniveling, I wonder how can I help

Metanoia unwinding itself, glimmers of Hope reeking out; I see.

Detesting how my faith doesn’t let me unravel the obscurity

Every time I write about this solemnity

Faith pulls me back and comforts me.

Now I’m aboard this ship;

Waves, Storms, and this hovering anxiety…

I would’ve hoped that I don’t fall into this sea

But then again, I don’t fear it anymore.

I may not be a wealthy man, my love…

But at least I have this Faith.


Lakshya Anant is a law student based in Delhi, India. He is passionate about Dream Pop music, Robert Pattinson movies, romantic poetry, and singing.


Poetry, The River

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