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Humbug Humans, Gruesome Murders, Love Jihad, Wife Deserters, and Redistribution of Resources of The World

By Sandip Saha

Humbug Humans

In Australia I happened to visit a park

no, it was not of human but of animals

those who were extinct 

the replica of them with artificial howls

took me to millions of years back

they used to live on this same earth

now they are no more

they will never be here ever

a nostalgia gripped me 

I thought how fortunate 

these animals were

why I could not be any of them?

I repent thinking that I am a human

erroneously or perhaps deliberately 

we boast about our own species

demeaning all animals inferior to us

but it is only some animals 

that have got salvation by extinction

what we could not till today

living in this world 

is synonymous to intense sufferings

those animals got rid of all these pains

they are much superior to humbug humans.

Gruesome Murders

The girl was somewhat adamant

working in a call center

with male colleagues, one of them

got cozy with her, thick stylish beard

well built, handsome that was the trap

with which the arrogant foolish girl

got herself tied in a live in relation.

Law now-a-days follows the whims

of socially degraded individuals 

to meet their unwarranted wishes

like infidelity, LGBT, live-in-relations

making justice system a mockery.

When a fruit rots the rotten cells increase

and normal cells become minority

as human society is rotting

normal individuals who once

used to get preferences

are being over looked to accommodate

all types of abnormal humans.

The result is a chain reaction for the worse

the modern freedom of female

does little good but more harm to them.

The girl did not listen to her father

for breaking the relation and come back

to the main stream, instead, she left with the guy

for another location to avoid father.

Soon the guy killed the girl 

cut her body into pieces

disposed of them in dark night

in a forest to keep no evidence.

Such stupid girls of one particular faith

are being brutally slain time and again

by another faith gruesome murderers.

Love Jihad

Hindu girls are dying

one after the other

in the hands of Muslims boys

I find it quite astonishing

how come these girls opt

time and again for Muslim guys

as their unwed sex partners

knowing from history very well

that they will have to convert or

otherwise also they may be butchered

why they discard their own religion?

Surprisingly Muslim girls do not trap

Hindu boys by Islamic love jihad.

This shows guys are barbaric

whereas gals of Islam are not

or they may not like Hindu guys

as compared to Muslim lads

since most Muslim guys are well built

but their Hindu counter parts are not.

If conversion is the motive, then

why target only girls and not boys

after all Muslim girls are so pretty

why you trap girls of other faith?

Killing girl friends as well as wives

are known among Hindus

but they never go for Muslim girls

if those girls do not opt for them.

Oh! Hindu girls do not rot your lives

hankering after big for satisfaction.

Why you love to be slaughtered? 

Wife Deserters

There were some God seekers

in earlier time for whom parents

used to get girls for getting married 

so that they do not leave family

to become monks in search of God.

But in most occasions, it failed

they left behind young wives,

crying mothers and even children,

after all they never wanted

to get married and trapped.

Now we find some youths

get educated by the nation

investing lot of money on them

but the guys leave motherland

in search of a lavish life.

First of all, they make parents orphan

in old age no support for them

lonely life lamenting.

the selfish guys enjoy free life

in foreign countries forgetting duty.

The worst cases are those

when these parasites come to India

to trap girls by fake marriages

snatch huge dowry money 

and leave wives forever.

The hapless brides become helpless

tortured my in-laws, driven out.

These wife deserters must be

punished by making laws so that 

they languish in jail for rest of the life.

Redistribution of Resources of The World

India, China and United States of America

are countries having world’s three largest populations

but density is highest in India and lowest in America.

Australia, Canada and Russia have low population

with vast land available to them for human occupancy

though natural conditions are big factor to facilitate it.

Snow cladded Russia and Canada are cold countries

whereas Australia is neither very hot nor cold

though it has rocky western area less populated.

Younger work force in India is highest in number 

as compared to that in China or in America

though Africa has the highest younger generation.

For optimum management of resources in the world

it is time to rethink how we can do redistribution

by rehabilitating some people from one place to another.

These not only will help to get labor power 

where it is very costly to do development work

on the other hand, ease highly populated areas.

Sandip Saha from India won two awards from India and one from USA, published five poetry collections the links of which are

given below. He also published 119 poems in 38 journals in six countries- India, USA, UK, Australia, Romania and Mauritius.

Links of books:


Poetry, The River

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