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An Ode To Fire

By Red Morse

Flickering mess of light,
Swaying sharp with poise,
Like a ballerina pirouetting through thorns. You bite the hands of those
Who take hold of you;
With bitter passion.
I wish to dance with you,
Entwine you close,
Your hot breath leaves an acrid stench.
Sinking into my lungs
Charring the roof of my mouth.
A striking grin
Melting the candle
From both ends.
Something so sublime
Yet so visceral.
From afar I can see vibrance
A golden face, sunlit smile,
Never to frown; Never happy.
If one were to ever lurk forward,
The ash would cut their skin,
Stinging flesh.
Yet I can’t help it at times,
To bring you close,
Cup your light in the palm of my hand,
Feel my skin ablaze.
Pungent gasoline
Loitering in my senses.
I am just a lizard
Basking in the heat of your vanity,
Malevolence burns from the barrel of your eyes. I am infatuated with your toxicity,
How you light every cigarette.
Every lover’s candle.
Every bonfire.
Every soul.
All within an inch of destruction,
Bounded by metal,
If only you burned free

Adrianna (Red) Morse, a freshman at UMF majoring in Creative Writing, who is aspiring in a career in Journalism and currently working at The Daily Bulldog as a freelance writer. She is also on the UMF alpine ski race team and enjoys writing poetry on her free time




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