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“Awkward Encounters of the Worst Kind”

by Catherine Moscatt

“Awkward Encounters of the Worst Kind”

I go to the GI with alarming frequency. I stare at the models of intestines next to latex gloves and tissues. He’s here now. He’s always so handsome and I know I must expose myself without any form of reciprocity. “Roll over. Face the wall” His voice is gentle. I’d rather have it clipped and professional. “Count down from 100 sweetheart” the anesthesiologist instructs. I forgot the doctor and I weren’t alone together. But in this dream, as I drift off to sleep, we might be.

Catherine Moscatt is a 25 year old writer and poet. She has published two books:: A Cocktail of My Own and the Girl that Flies. Her work has appeared in many magazines such as the Gravity of the Thing, Free Flash Fiction and Pour Vida. She loves horror movies and metal music.  

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