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“Art Bully”

by Catherine Moscatt

“Art Bully”

The magazine was covered in paint. It was art class after all. He had been pushing, prodding, provoking. So I took the magazine and stuck it to his shirt. He howled like he hadn’t been harassing me for the better part of the month. The teacher swooped down upon us.

“Well I’m sure it was an accident” Here it was: an out.

But when you stand for something, you don’t back down. I smiled all the way to the principals office. Detention never tasted so sweet.

Catherine Moscatt is a 25 year old writer and poet. She has published two books:: A Cocktail of My Own and the Girl that Flies. Her work has appeared in many magazines such as the Gravity of the Thing, Free Flash Fiction and Pour Vida. She loves horror movies and metal music.  

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