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“Balcony” – Microfiction March Madness Contest HONORABLE MENTION

by Caneel Cheskin

My prince guided me onto the balcony. Above, the dark sky hid behind wispy clouds.

Orchestral music floated through the air. He bowed, offering me his hand.

“Dance with me?”

How could I refuse?

My skirts whirled. Like magic, like light, we spun. I was looking into his eyes, dazzled, when his dagger sank into my back.

When I opened my mouth to scream, he silenced me with a kiss. He twisted the knife, pressed me against the railing, and gave me a gentle push.

He watched me fall, and I swear I saw love in his eyes.

Creative Writing major in hand, Caneel Cheskin is now an unfortunate and semi-functional member of society. Her advice this time is to bring a journal and pen with you to every social event!

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