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Rivulet Interviews- Shane Edwards

Our second “Rivulet” is Shane Edwards, an Education Major and brilliant acapella vocalist! After an initial meeting over Berry-Lattes, muffins and danishes, Shane gave exclusive insight into his vast writing experience while conversing with me and two fellow creatives. 

Here is brief transcript:

  • Amy: “How long have you been writing? How’d you get started?”
  • Shane: “How long have I been writing? I think I kinda caught the bug when I was in the eighth grade, because it was… I’d been used to doing some small writing stuff for classes or whatever, and then I saw this thing for a writing contest, and I thought, What the hell? I’ll give it a shot! I wrote… probably the worst thing I’ll ever write in my life! It was so bad, but… it kind of got the creativity flowing and I rather enjoyed it, so I kept rewriting the story, and I rewrote it and rewrote it. Now it’s, like, a completely different piece than what it was a while ago. My only issue is that it’s taken me about three years to get to chapter five of the current version of it, just because I keep falling victim to what I’ve been told is the “Writer’s Kiss of Death,” which is I go back and I read what I’ve written before it’s finished, which is apparently like jinxing yourself to the max! I’m seeing some nodding heads!”

(He gestured toward the others in the room, who were vigorously nodding as they, too, had experienced this plague!)

  • Kayla (Guest): “Professor Amy’s great wisdom: “Don’t get it right! Get it written!”’
  • Shane: “Yeah! (Laughing) I’m slowly learning that lesson!”
  • Amy: “So am I!”
  • Kayla: “Me too! I’m a senior! Me too!”
  • Shane: “Yeah! I’ve been writing this… like, the story has gone through the whole evolution. It’s been a… three year thing? writing the latest iteration, and I actually started writing another piece about a year or so ago.”
  • Amy: “What is your preferred genre/style of writing? And why?”
  • Shane: Genre is… I’m really into sci-fi and fantasy… more of the fantasy side of it. I was a mythology buff when I was younger…and I’m seeing some thumbs-ups! I am obsessed with things like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons… Magic the Gathering… like, I just love magic! I’m… it looks like I’m in good company right now!”

(Several guests nodded their heads in solidarity and appreciation!)

  • Shane: “It’s awesome! It’s cool!”
  • Jake (Guest): The “mythology buff” part! Come on now…” (This was in reference to finding another like-minded creative, I later learned.)
  • Shane: “I actually just started getting into Norse mythology! I was mostly a Greek or Roman kid growing up, but…”
  • Kayla (Guest): “Greek, Roman, Percy Jackson!”
  • Amy: “How often do you find time to write in between classes and other responsibilities/hobbies?”
  • Shane: “Admittedly, I don’t write as much as I would like to. Life and other commitments and hobbies have ended up taking precedence, but I would like to get back into it more!”
  • Amy: “Have you connected with other writers on and off campus? How so?”
  • Shane: “I have spoken with a few other writers just in passing. Turns out a lot of people like to write. Everyone seems to have very nice concepts.”
  • Amy: “What has been your experience with the Creative Writing department on campus?”
  • Shane: “I tried joining the Writer’s Guild during my first semester of freshman year, but I was unfortunately unable to keep up with it. When it overlapped with Deep Treble for time last year, I had to make a choice. While I don’t regret that choice whatsoever, I did very much enjoy and admire the creativity and ideas of everyone involved in the Writer’s Guild. And who knows? Maybe some day I will go back. If they’ll have me, of course.”
  • Amy: “Are there magazines, newspapers/journals, online or otherwise, that you read regularly? Which ones?”
  • Shane: “None at the moment. Maybe I should look into reading some.”
  • Amy: “What is writing creatively to you, and do you think UMF supports your vision?”
  • Shane: “We all express art in different ways. Some paint and draw, others sing or play instruments. Creative writing is just another way to make art. As for support, I have shared my ideas with only a few, but I have received nothing but support. That’s just the community we’re in, we like to build each other up. Maybe that sounds cliche, but it’s true.”

Shane offers a valuable, honest perspective on the nature of putting words to the page, and I’m very glad I had the privilege of interviewing him!



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