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“I remember it all now.”

by Daniela Lilly

A left eye, twitching
Since the bread knife disappeared
From the first kitchen drawer

Knock, knock.

Choking, on luke-warm
water from the neighbour’s
Mouth-wringing hose

Who’s there?

An unmistakably laden smell
From the childhood pharmacy
At the corner of Calle Alonso Ojeda

It’s me.

A hazy image, I struggle to
remember, self-contained in my
Mother’s midafternoon resting frame

It’s me, who?

Creaking, the rusty gate
Nobody opens anymore
Swinging shut behind her name, Bam!

It’s me, I’m home

Daniela Lilly is a starting writer and college student who writes from a small town in Western
Maine. She recently moved from her hometown, Marbella, Spain, in hopes to traverse across the
lexical richness of the English language while on a self-discovery journey through words and


Archive, The River

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