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“Gathering” and “night swim after matrimony”

by Dallas Raquel Klein


“night swim after matrimony”

for Richard Anderson and Christopher Ryan Shaver on their wedding day

fireflies birth night light and I invite the river to swim

through my fingers through my t-shirt through the white light between us

the full moon breathes our wedding vows back to us

cicadas, cicadas, cicadas

our bond completes the moon cycle this midnight rose moon ignites our lips with laughter

god, it is good to be a witch

river corridor becomes dance hall spinning

it has always been my honor but this moment with you

is a phosphorescent river song

earth illuminated

Dallas Raquel Klein is a native Tejana living in the Pacific Northwest. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University. Her work is featured in The Banyan Review, Ice Colonies, Angles, Plants & Poetry’s, Plant People, and is forthcoming in Porkbelly’s Love Me, Love My Body.


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