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Third Place Winner of the Comfort Contest

By Hudson Sirois

Sweet Emma Rose, tell me everything I need to know

The words to find within this heart and soul,
I search to disertate the truth I feel.
Perhaps the words will set alight my coals;
writing this rhyme assists to break the seal.

Just as the spade revels in rich soil,
my pen will unearth geodes of heart.
I shall chisel an emerald gargoyle
from these fragments of my mental art.

Help me— I beg— force this rib cage open.
Your dark chocolate eyes tease out my truth,
though I dare leave it often unspoken.
Let us excavate tombs under this roof.

Time bends and we muse the forbidden,
sipping coffee as we heed Van Morrison

Hudson Sirois is an English and Creative Writing major from Cornville, Maine and working through his fourth semester. He’s a big fan of comic books and apologizes to everyone he has classes with who have had to listen to him religiously praise Hellboy. He’s also a big fan of poetry.


Contests, The River

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