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By Omar Alexandre

i don’t write

anymore instead i use

emojis and

post cat filtered selfies with approvingly

categorized stylish

corpses who dream of finding

love behind black

mirrors to satisfy the facade

forced upon by the

giant glitch

which gnaws away at

our core persistently

till our bones spread out and

take new shapes

and what’s left of the original

is erased and replaced with an all

new incoherent

pleasure wrapped appropriately

to not offend the intolerable


Omar Alexandre is from Miami, Florida. He’s a published creative writer and an award winning indie filmmaker. As a member of Backyard Cinema Club, two music videos he worked on were awarded at the 2018 Miami Beach Film Festival and as a writer some of his work has been featured in Horror Sleaze Trash, Your One Phone Call, 48th Street Press 2018 Broadside Series, Adelaide Voices Literary Contest of 2018 and a few others. He thanks you for reading.


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