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That’s All Folks

by Hannah Binder

Point Blank Perspective is a blog addressing common places, events, and experiences that we encounter in life.  These are described in a column-style with a blunt and one hundred percent upfront attitude.

To quote one of my mother’s favorite movies “beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most.” While I was not wrestling with the loss of a husband, the relocation of a cantankerous, confused daughter, a taxidermist mother, and a budding romance with Harry Connick Jr. like Sandra Bullock was in this film, I’m going to claim relating to this sentiment in the present moment.

We have come to the end of the summer and with the changing of the seasons that made frequent appearances in Shakespeare’s sonnets, comes a changing of editors here at The River.

Thank you, writers; it has been a pleasure reading your work.

Thank you, readers; I hope that you enjoyed Point Blank Perspective as much as I did. It was a Sedaris-like challenge, sharing my sentiments and opinions about just a few parts of this crazy world in which we live with all of you. I hope that it gave you a humorous and, if nothing else, honest, look into the mind of a blunt writer. Perhaps they made you laugh, perhaps they made you cry, perhaps they made you wish for a warm puppy for happiness and comfort. No matter the outcome, thank you for letting me share my writing with all of you. It was an absolute joy.

Happy Writing.


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