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by Ayiah Mensah


Choosing an image from the woods near the main street,

I paste a shadow behind me before it goes away

with the sun, I allude this to my lodgings at all events

and wait for a remittance from pecuniary obligations.

Because my shadow and I are twins, I feel the utmost

sympathy for it between the thistle and the flood,

we walk pass, arm in arm, I am satisfied that I have made

a perfect savage of myself, I ask my shadow-wife still

laughing at myself, what my fancy is in desiring to be.


About the Author:


Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah ( also known in the Turtle Mountains, North Dakota, as Sitting Mountain) is a self-made Ojibwe, Basque, Catalan, Spanish, gypsy, Black African tribes and Greek descent and author of many works of poetry including [menhirs]material science, it is it, Jatton Theory, e=5, BOOM 7, 2BQ, WINTESS, California Tune & St Petersbury Yellow Breeze, matter/ life is artifact, much of it, Old Second Law, etc, and works of abstract mathematics including Arthur Algebras, Haiku Algebra, c-Algebra, Ỽ-Functions, Nortan Group, Epic Ring, etc. Ayiah Mensah is a vegetarian and he has practiced mathematics, poetry and art his entire life. His poetry is published on the blogs, including Ekusen Journals, Goal Stream Review and Kukubenkuka, A Bar of Tanka Food and has also been accepted and appeared in literary journals and anthologies, including Cordite Poetry Review, Haiku Scotland, Atlas Poetica, Modern Enlish Tanka, Paper Wasp, Ginyu, Asahi Shimbun, Presence, Eucalpt, Ambrosia, Shamrock, Moonset, Frogpond, World Haiku Review, South by Southeast, Autumn Leaves, Simply Haiku,Haiku Reality, MASKS, red lights, Heron’s Nest, NOON, Modern Haiku, is/let, Acorn, Otata, Skylark, Ribbons, Hedgerow, Botsotso, New Contrast, Voices Israel, Reader Digest, World Haiku Anthologies, Sun & Snow Anthology, Haiku 21,Catzilla, Albatross Haiku, Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Sketchbook: A Journal for Eastern & Western Short Forms, Bliss, Strata Magazine, The Whole Desolate Day, First People, etc. He usually composes his poetry in Fanti, Twi (Akuapem), Twi (Asante), Ewe, Basque, Catalan, Dutch, German, Greek, English and Spanish, and sometimes in French, Italian and Portuguese. He is currently editing Pkankmaton, senryu Vendor Journal, The Rough Sheet Tanka Journal etc, and also still working as algebraist, artists, writer, mathematics tutor, and freelance journalist. His other writings are essays, criticism, fiction, plays, histories, journalism and children and young adult books. His books of nonsense verses for children & young adults are The Lore of the Little World, Punck Drink, Aaron’s Flowering Rod, Night-in-Boots, On My Hobby Horse, Ms Piddelity, and Sleepless Messenger. Ayiah Mensah lives in the southern part of Ghana.



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