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The Green Line perseveres

by Amy Baskin

—for Ricky Best, Taliesin Namkai-Meche, Micah Fletcher and the young women they defended on on the train in Portland, Oregon on May 26th, 2017

notice how platforms continue
to welcome passengers

doors open and usher us through
bruised purple padded seats hold our weight

maps that witnessed atrocity remain hanging
aisles unchanged make way for each load

feet and wheels shuffle and skid
handstraps brace silent under tight grips

loudspeakers gently remind all
travelers to report suspicious activity

this compartment glistens in earnest
scrubbed clean of all visible trauma

and what is love but a form of service
the courage to remember to continue

an offer to heal a bleeding sacred contract
to rebirth and deliver safe passage


About the Author:


Amy Baskin lives with her husband and two children in Portland, Oregon where she works as a freelance writer and program coordinator for international students at Lewis & Clark College.  When she’s not working Amy likes to run, hike, camp with friends, and dream. Her poems have appeared in Califragile, apt, Every Pigeon, and other journals.


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