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Road Map

by Michaela Zelie


My body fought

when you began unraveling the threads

of its scar tissue veil.

I cringed at the way you read

the coordinates,

a road map of disfigurement,

coiled like back roads of confusion.


But you told my body

it was an adventure

and you traced the routes

straight to their destination.

You rode the vertical lines

of self hatred

and the less visible detours,

led to abandonment and neglect


and where I saw dead ends,

you read the signs

that said Scenic Route Ahead.

So with fingers laced through my own

You showed me the height of land

and you promised to never push me

too fast.



About Author: 

IMG_9502Michaela Zelie is a senior creative writing major at the University of Maine at Farmington. She is particularly interested in poetry, and poetic non-fiction. After graduation she plans to persue mentoring and teaching writing.


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