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Roommate Wanted

By Judy Carr

to share my luxury survival
condo located in renovated
Atlas F missile silo, equipped
to withstand nuclear shock, global
warming and other unnatural
disasters. Basic unit consists
of furnished living and
bedrooms, fuel and food
for five years. Resident
must possess financial
resources to absorb renovation
costs including upgrades to
granite countertops and jetted tub.
High definition cameras provide
exterior views upon demand. Onsite
projects will provide alternative
food choices, including hydroponic
vegetables. Residents council offers
educational and community building
opportunities. Approval by homeowner
association required. No reporters,
immigrants or environmentalists
need apply. If interested in this
unique future, please contact



About Author:

12002278_932656026772981_213767607479973072_nJudy Carr has lived her entire life in Syracuse, NY.  She has discovered poetry in retirement and takes workshops and classes at the Downtown Writers Center.  She has also studied at the Fine Arts Center in Provincetown and Castle Hill Arts Center in Truro.  She has poetry forthcoming in Nine Mile Magazine. When she’s not writing, she is plotting ways to return to Cape Cod.


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