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New Canaan

By Ken Bryant

Or does Her ghost in modern times
Roam on New England’s moorland snow;
Or is the Spirit of the Lord
“From sea to shining sea” bestow’d.

Or does the glory of God’s grace
Shed out wherein the elm arch yields?
Or is (a) new Canaan founded there
Despite those fair demonic fields!

Sway high sweet Swords: Oh Yorktown Hill!
Swing low sweet Cherubs gliding slope
Sway high sweet Stars & Stripes, be still—
Swing low sweet Chariots of hope…

We shall not part with justborne arms
But wake as one, march hand in hand
Until we’ve crossed New Canaan’s edge:
America—the Promised Land!


“Et gloriamur in spe gloriae filiorum Dei.”
Romans 5:2



About Author:


Ken Bryant, M.Arch is an architectural designer—whose career has centered on residential projects for 20 years. He’s worked at several residential design firms in Manhattan, including with the nation’s top classical architects. Today, in addition, Ken is an adjunct professor of architecture at Hampton University: and author of the short story “Love Affair With a House,” published 2011, and a 1994 self-published work titled The Architecture of Harvey Johnson.


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