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The New Editors of Fall 2017

With the new season beginning, and new submissions already beginning to flow in, we thought we would begin the season with a formal introduction of the Fall 2017 editors. We’re both excited to begin sharing the work we’ve been receiving, and we are looking forward for what is to come.

Richard Southard is a senior at the University of Maine at Farmington, and will be graduating in the spring of 2018. He began as a Creative Writing major in the fall of 2014, and added English as his second major in 2016. He took interest in writing in his senior year of high-school, and shortly after, took interest in the writing program at UMF. He has also held a long passion for magic, performing in high-school and continuing the hobby into college. In fall 2016, he received a Wilson Scholarship award for research into magic as a form of literary adaptation, where he looked into a history of magicians using literature in performances.

Meagan Jones is a junior at the University of Maine at Farmington. She came as a Creative Writing major in 2015, and added a Spanish minor to that as of this Fall semester 2017. She started writing in third grade, but did not consider it to have real career options until her senior year of high school, during which she suddenly changed her planned college major from marine biology to creative writing. She has also had a passion for plays and movies, participating in her local theater programs throughout high school and the theater program at UMF.

More information on the editors of The River (as well as the editors of The Sandy River Review) can be found on “The Editors” page of the site. Our first submission post will be coming very soon.



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