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A Matter of Focus

by Jason D. DeHart


They placed him in a low

reader class because he could

not recite from the board.


There was no special name,

not like there is now. He was

not a bumblebee, or a yellow

bird, or a raven. He was not given

a color. Not blue, gold, or white.

These were the days before such

disguising took place.


The rest of the class went one

way, he went the other. It was simple,

but noticeable. Knowable.

No one needed to tell him

anything more.


Memories of a trembling

finger following a line of text.

The sound of children laughing.

It took forever, the recital.

When the teacher finally found out

that all he needed was a set of glasses

to aid in the reading, it was only

after months of the special class


not so far away from the rest

of the youngsters, but far enough

to know. Close enough


to remember even now.



About Author: 


Jason D. DeHart is a writer and teacher.  He is currently a PhD student in Literacy Studies at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


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