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Blog posts about Zach Roberge’s time in France

Les Bises

by Zach Roberge

Au revoir Le Mans. Au revoir France. I pause a moment before leaning in slowly and kissing your left cheek followed by your right. We embrace then I leave out the door, waving goodbye.

French Food

The other day I bought bread. Not sliced bread and not bread that’s been stored on a shelf for days on end. I bought a fresh baguette that had been baked in store. I paid less than 1 euro, and to pair, I picked up fromage a tartinare, which is a garlic cheese spread.

The Throne

I had a magical night bar hopping with a group of non-French people who were spending time in Le Mans, same as me. We’d decided the night was called, “Drunk Day,” and it started at the bar, O Brassin Belge, though I was told its nickname was, The Belgian Bar.

La Nuit Des Chimeres

Le Mans puts on a show called, La Nuit Des Chimeres from July until September. It is a light show which uses projection mapping on the historical landmarks of Le Mans to tell the story of the chimera.

A French Park

This is a short recording from a local park down the street. The park has walkways, sitting areas, a large fountain with smaller spouts for children to play among, a playground with swings and slides, and slopes of soft, grassy hills which I sat on while recording this audio. 

The “Uh” Face

One of the phenomenons that interests me immensely in France is looking/listening to the French people and spying those traits in humans that are universal.