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Happy As A Clam Pt. 1

You jog down the hallway to biology class, your converse sneaker clad flatt feet thwaping! Against the dated tile floor. You sigh because you know you are going to be late. Sarah, bleach blonded, cropped top sister took forever in the bathroom despite your nagging to “get in the damn car!” Sometimes you think she takes forever on purpose because she knows you have anxiety about being late. Late. 

“Mr. Milkub, how nice of you to join us.” You know Mr. Wilson will say and does say as you push open the texture papered metal door to the biology lab. You grin timidly and Mr. Wilson is grinning himself. It’s an inside joke between the two of you. He pretends to bust your chops for being late but then gives you one of his wifes peanut butter oatmeal and chocolate chunk cookies when you eat lunch in his classroom because you have no friends and you don’t know why but unbidden you remember that peanut butter oatmeal and chocolate chunk cookies are John Legend’s favorite cookies too.

You amend your statement in your head, it’s not entirely true that you have no friends. Some of your classmates probably consider you to be their friend, but you only consider them acquaintances or colleagues you guess since you really only know them in a classroom capacity. It’s not like you don’t want to know them in a more friendly way, it’s just that whenever you think about approaching Timothy Catar(he talked with you about Star Wars one time) you start to feel all squirmy and wormy and sick. The same feeling happens when you try to talk to Mackenzie Billings(she commented on an instagram post of a Yoda Christmas cookie you made by cutting the head off an angel cookie) of course the feeling is a little different because you have a pretty big crush on Mackenzie Billings.

“Jonathan you can take your seat now if you like” Mr. Wilson reminds, still smiling. You realize you have been standing in the doorway for a solid 25 seconds. You blush and awkwardly take a seat, not letting yourself feel too embarrassed about the people snickering at you literally behind your back as they are seated behind you. You’re excited for today because today is 

“Dissection Day” Mr. Wilson calls out.

  • To Be Continued
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