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Some People Have Real Problems

by Michael Akuchie

hold me with a gaze. take the fullness of my body into your own. i have prepared the length of myself for this day. i am a mirror into the life of disintegration growing within. i speak the language of shards. pieces upon pieces of borrowed breath. sheets of glass glittering even in the dawn of separation. i find a part of me lying about, claimed by the sands. my heart is not groomed for withstanding the harsh weather of  life. a wind pulls out portions from me. the sound of pain rears its head from my skin, creeping out slowly. each drag is a journey through tears. a tour round bitter cold stories. this grief is unapologetic. a bomb hibernates inside me. upon the suddenness of body movement, i fracture my soul. it breaks under the weight of inactivity. i become the resulting desolation.

hold me with a gaze. personalized wreckage. a road runs through my body, swallowing dreams. sometimes i go missing in my head. when the sky wears a milk white moon, i bury my face under a pillow. i give myself hope & suppress all unkindness within. sleep gifts me sorrow draped in nightmares.every passing  breath is earned. i battle for air in my body.  claiming inner peace shell shocks my life. i choke on a storm, swallowing gusts of alarm. i am a temple of pain. an altar on which the promise of happiness is sacrificed. i am a blessing of ruins. i am strung together by sad songs, the tenderness of hurt shrinks the light in my eyes.

Michael Akuchie is an emerging poet from Nigeria. He studies English and Literature at the University of Benin, Nigeria. His recent work appears on Nitrogen House Zine, Barren Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, Ghost City Review, TERSE, Mojave Heart, Kissing Dynamite, Burning House,  Neologism Poetry Journal and elsewhere. He is on Twitter as @Michael_Akuchie. He is a Contributing Editor for Barren Magazine.

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