Musical Fridays: Maine Artists

by Richard Southard, The River editor Last week, as I was writing the post “Music from WUMF”, I began to think about the great local artists that we have received music from over the years. Rather than decide which ones I would include, I decided to hold off and make a devoted post about them (since I have more than enough to include). When I was once talking to a friend about local music in our station, he asked if all we received was country and folk. While we do receive a lot of those genres (especially folk), the actual variety we’ve received has been quite surprising. Maine’s music community is about as complex and diverse as just about any other. I had to restrain myself from simply making a post with just some great electronic producers. As always, I’ll be giving a variety. I’m only including artists who’s careers began in Maine. If their projects began elsewhere, but transitioned to Maine, I won’t be

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