Musical Fridays: Music From WUMF

by Richard Southard, The River editor Since my first year at UMF, I have been involved with 91.5 WUMF, the campus radio station. Music had remained in my interest out of high-school, and of course, I was drawn into the idea of my very own radio show. This eventually progressed to me becoming the new hip-hop/RPM (electronic music) director of the station. However, my positions didn’t stop there. My third year, I became the production manager, which is essentially considered to be vice president. Finally, I am now the current station manager. Throughout my time in the station, I’ve come across a mountain of different artists and albums, some of which I enjoyed, and of course, some I haven’t. But the good, fortunately, has far outweighed the bad. Like many college stations, it’s kept a focus on promoting and showcasing new, developing, or otherwise unheard music artists from all genres. Of course, many of my discoveries have been in hip-hop and electronic

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Workshops and Critiques: All in the Life of A Piece

You sit in a white-walled classroom, fidgeting in your seat. A cluster of tables is in front of you, and fourteen other people sit around them, staring at stapled sheets of paper: your paper. It contains your fiction story.  

Two weeks earlier, you had typed away at your keyboard, word after word, feeling like a genius. The story was perfect. A masterpiece. You couldn’t believe how amazing your talent was.

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Musical Fridays: Just (Another) Friday

by Richard Southard, The River editor After doing these posts for a few weeks, and covering a number of main genres, it appears I’ve exhausted what would be my “easy” choices. There are plenty of other genres that I could share (at least) five albums for, but it think it might be time to mix-and-match a little bit. So, rather than looking at a certain genre, we’re just going to take a quick look at five albums, from various origins and styles. This is also coming from the idea that I, along with many others, do not have many “focused” days when it comes to music. I don’t often wake up thinking “It’s sunny out, but the wind is just a tad aggressive. It’s a melodic metal day.” Maybe that’s just me, and that wouldn’t be very surprising. Did you know that, according to SPIN, the average American listens to about four hours of music each day? Just thought I’d mention

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Trending Towards Tone

 Tone. Tone, tone, tone. When I began writing this, I tried to think of tips my writing professors had given me to help establish tone. Of course, I came up with nothing. Brains work like that, I guess. Though I’m not completely sure I remember a time we really went over it in class in detail – it was just something everyone seemed to struggle with, yet no one seemed to have any solutions.

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Musical Fridays: Hip-Hop

by Richard Southard, The River editor I’ll admit: I’ve been dreading to write the Musical Friday post for Hip-Hop. Not because I don’t enjoy the music. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I enjoy the music so much that figuring out just five suggestions has been a bit of a struggle. A few days ago, I sat down at my desk with the intention of reading. Instead, I spent a half hour staring at the pages as I thought of what music I could pick for this post (and I didn’t even reach a conclusion). The time has come to release this curse. Of course, Hip-hop is an incredibly diverse genre with hundreds of potential choices for great albums. My first exposure to the genre was some of the “classics”, such as 2Pac, Jurassic 5, and The Notorious B.I.G. Most of these songs came from the soundtracks of video games I’d play on my Playstation 2. I also heard the occasional

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