Undergraduate No-Fee Contest

We reserve the right to alter these guidelines at any time, so please check them before submitting.

The Undergraduate No-Fee contest has two categories, prose and poetry, with a winning prize of $100 for each. The judges will be Lewis Robinson for prose and Arielle Greenberg for poetry.

You may submit up to five poems or three prose (fiction or nonfiction) entries. A mix of each is fine, but limited to five pieces total. There is a 3,500 word limit on each prose piece and a ten-page limit on poetry.

All work must be previously unpublished. You may send us simultaneous submissions so long as you notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere.

You must be currently enrolled in college or a Spring 2016 graduate to be eligible for consideration. Please send us your work electronically via email as a Microsoft Word or Google Doc document to contest@sandyriverreview.com. Note that this email is different from our usual email, and designated specifically for undergraduate submissions.

You must include your year and major in the body of the email to prove that you are an undergraduate. Winners will be required to submit an additional dated unofficial transcript listing courses taken in the Spring of 2016. We will keep this information strictly private and use it solely for the sake of validating your enrollment.

The contest deadline is July 15th. All contest submissions will be eligible for publication in our annual print issue, and as such will follow the same legal guidelines as our other published work. Please see our Submissions page for more information.

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