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Marriage vs Infinite Space

by David Rodriguez

I’m never replacing my shoes.
These blue vegans may have
hallux holes and squeak, may
stay wet for days and seam-split
before I’ve worn the soles all the
way, but their reliability is enabling.

A French Park

This is a short recording from a local park down the street. The park has walkways, sitting areas, a large fountain with smaller spouts for children to play among, a playground with swings and slides, and slopes of soft, grassy hills which I sat on while recording this audio. 


by Michael Brasier

      I furiously slipped on my shoes and hurried to the front room where my parents were putting on their jackets. The weather radar was on TV. A mass of red with arrows pointing in our direction on the map. A storm was quickly approaching.

The “Uh” Face

One of the phenomenons that interests me immensely in France is looking/listening to the French people and spying those traits in humans that are universal.

Frequent Flyer

by Sarah Kuntz Jones

I’ve been here so many times it should count as penance—sitting on synthetic fabric of spurious cleanliness and breathing cycled air—among the tired, the cranky, and the impatient filing on from the jet bridge.

Meditation 53

by Audrey Gidman

You stay in a place too long  you start making
people sick—you get stagnant.

In the active silence she is broken
as a kitchen appliance.

Faucet dripping like slow church bells.
Crumbs in the sink.