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T.P.S.W 1- “I Don’t Care”

This is perhaps the worst thing one human being can ever say to another. This can be said through silence, body language, or said through feigning and deceptive words that everyone knows are fluff and throwaway. I think implying apathy is incredibly destructive to everyone involved. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common occurrence and a terribly difficult habit to break. Saying that one does not care is blatantly telling someone that whatever they are saying or doing has no impact on one’s environment or day. They have no agency or input in that current moment. It is a debilitating and horrendous statement. I think the absolute worst thing about it is its nature. People respond to this and shut down. They either stop caring themselves or take great offense to the statement. “I don’t care” is a killer of friendship, relationship, and overall spirit. I recommend ceasing use of the statement altogether. Like it or not we all do care. True and entire apathy is very rare, and I deeply hope none of us ever experience it. 

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