Musical Fridays: Taking It Easy

by Richard Southard Remember last week when I said I would do a more “topical” and “conversational” post? Well, I was in the process of that, and my saved post seemed to have deleted itself after I had saved it. Thanks, wordpress. So, rather than try to repeat all my words in a rushed fashion, I’ve decided to make a different post entirely. Perhaps I can give more thought-provoking words at another time. This week, I’ll be sharing some albums that I find to be “easy-going”. You know, albums that you can play while studying, or while you relax by a fireplace in the evening, or when you take an afternoon walk out in the woods. If you’re looking to take some edge off the day, I think many of these albums will suffice. In thinking of these albums, it has come to my attention that “easy going” music can vary between person-to-person. What’s relaxing to me could certainly be

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